Leave it to the Labrador

Leave it to the Labrador to save us from depression and being homebound. The last week in Vermont has touched down in the negative numbers almost every day and in Vermont it is very important to get outside in winter. If you don’t get outside often you can really become eerily attached to the heat, […]

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Localvore and Vermont’s Tastings Center

I was born in Philadelphia. Excuse me, Philly. The City of (sometimes) Brotherly Love. Home of the Flyers. The Liberty Bell. Rocky. And of course, the cheesesteak.

When I was a pre-teen, my dad would take me to Flyers games at the old Spectrum stadium. Afterwards, while the alleged cheesesteak aficionados rumbled up Ninth Street to […]

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Firsts and Fitness

Firsts are an exciting topic of conversation, especially for the individual sharing the first. There is usually a sense of nostalgia, sometimes a tinge of regret, and it is often palpable as the person relives the moment as she explains it. I have a favorite first. It was my first foray into the world of […]

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