“Talent without dedication will get you a smile and a pat on the back from you parents,” was an expression my high school soccer coach used to say. I think it was intended to be quasi-inspirational, but as she always barked it with some sort of sneerish snarl on her face, I’m pretty sure it […]

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Emily Bradbury and the Reasons we Should Learn to Surf

There are a lot of reasons a bunch of women hovering around 40 should NOT go to Costa Rica to learn how to surf. There are jobs to manage, kids to shuttle, groceries to buy, houses to clean. There’s the guilt that comes with spending money on a vacation just for you. There is fear […]

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A Tip or Two on Completing the 100 Day Burpee Challenge

This picture was taken on January 2, otherwise known as Day 93 of my 100 Day Burpee Challenge. I was in Oregon for a wedding and although the trip was all about adventure, friends and love, I still had to keep focused and get my burpees in! In all honesty, I did do 93 burpees […]

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GoldieBlox and the Pink Aisle

It’s fair to say that I hate math. Actually, check that….I used to hate math. Now that I’m north of 40, I enjoy reading pop science articles with the words ‘quantum’ and ‘physics’ in them, and I’m content pretending that I would understand any such equation if it was ever included in the piece.

However, something […]

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