About Abby H

Abby lives in southern Vermont, but makes the occasional trip to Boston to do her job in the world of “finance.” When she’s not doing such boring things, you’ll find her skinning up mountains, swimming in the lake in front of her house, or just being lazy on the couch.

Bottom-Line Edible Advice

First up…a disclaimer: This is not a promotional piece. I just made my first purchase at Tasty Hemp Oil (online). Not that big of deal, right? Right. Right??

I am a bottom-line kind of woman, fully capable of researching and making my own, intelligent decisions on matters. The thing about being a bottom-line woman though is […]

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Bring Your Running Shoes

I was in New York City for business recently. Every time I head to Manhattan, I pack my running shoes because Central Park is one of my favorite places to run. There is something especially spectacular about that park. For starters, there is the joy of running a couple of blocks to get there on […]

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