About Darcie

Darcie Abbene is a freelance writer who makes her home northern Vermont with her husband, two daughters. When she is not playing with them in the mountains, she spends her time writing about kids, books, farms, and other adventures."

Shower Beer

I can’t remember the first time I indulged in drinking a shower beer, but I remember when my mother noticed it.

It was Christmas break my junior year of college. I was broke and was spending the time off waiting tables to earn money for books and fun for the upcoming semester. I was inarguably the […]

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Growing Pains

Let me tell you about how I decided to return to alpine skiing after 15 years of telemark skiing.

It all starts with how I joined an indoor soccer league this spring. My thought was that I’d get to play that old sport I loved in high school, hang out with some friends, make some new […]

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