About Katie K

I am a part time adventurer who doesn’t like to get too too cold. I love to be up early and try not to miss many sunrises in the summer. I am a teacher who feels very blessed to spend so much time with young people and hear what they think and laugh with them. I want to be a badass athlete, but usually just run a half marathon every few years that almost kills me. When I mountain bike I have to walk the bike on the sketchy parts but afterward, when drinking beer with everyone I might pretend that I didn’t.

Corn Talk

The corn is back. The view I loathe and love at the same time. Its tiny green leaves reaching toward the sky at a furious pace dot all roads by my house and remind me daily that summer is coming quickly.

That another Vermont summer is coming is the part I love. This is the time […]

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The Hike

I am a huge fan of the plan, and of lots of plans. I love to have the calendar out and imagine a season filled with trips and adventures. But on the day of the plan sometimes I’d rather just hang out at home, sit by a pool, or read my book. But it is […]

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Billionaire Skier

I’m positive I’d make an excellent billionaire. In Sun Valley last week we skied “bell to bell” (my husband’s words for being on the first and last chairs of the day). The days started at a windless 20 degrees and meandered up to a sunny 45 by the late afternoon. One o’clock in the afternoon […]

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Leave it to the Labrador

Leave it to the Labrador to save us from depression and being homebound. The last week in Vermont has touched down in the negative numbers almost every day and in Vermont it is very important to get outside in winter. If you don’t get outside often you can really become eerily attached to the heat, […]

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Firsts and Fitness

Firsts are an exciting topic of conversation, especially for the individual sharing the first. There is usually a sense of nostalgia, sometimes a tinge of regret, and it is often palpable as the person relives the moment as she explains it. I have a favorite first. It was my first foray into the world of […]

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