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Frothy Exercise

I’ll be the first to admit it: one of the larger reasons I exercise is because I enjoy the occasional cocktail. Those occasions tend to become more frequent as the days grow longer and the sun begins to bake the trails and warm the rivers around my house. Such atmospheric conditions spur me to jump […]

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Remembering Ashley

There was a time, way back in the early 90s, when I wanted to be a Marine. I was raised by one; one who had gone off to Notre Dame with the hopes of playing football and wound up signing up to serve in Vietnam. Five buddies actually signed up. My dad went for the […]

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Keys to Spring Cleaning

I threw away keys yesterday. Eleven of them. With spring having finally extended an olive branch to Vermont two months past the vernal equinox, I figured I’d begin the cleansing that’s mandated by more sunlight and the fact that I can now keep a window open for more than 15 seconds without risking hypothermia.

I didn’t […]

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Rebecca Leipert

Broad Ambition

So, some background. Broadambition.com. It’s a web portal for adventure-minded women and one sections of the site is called The Broad Next Door. You’re the first interview for that. What do you think about being the guinea pig?

I love it. Start the expectations low.

What? You mean you don’t consider yourself a pioneer?

I do not. […]

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To Fly United Airlines

I am not in good shape. Wait, that’s not entirely accurate. I am just not in good enough shape to fly on United Airlines. I say this only because after a recent experience, I’m pretty sure UA public flight requirements fall somewhere between Cross Fit proficiency and SEAL school.

To be fair (to me), I do […]

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Memorial Day

I was a bit of a punk when I was in seventh grade. (Yes, I am aware of the redundancies in that statement.) When I look at that time in my life through the lens of my pop psychology expertise, I realize my punkiness may have been in response to my older sister. Her abundance […]

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Sarah and the Drunken Horsemen

I went for a walk yesterday. Brought the dog with me. It was warm, too warm for Vermont in early March. I thought about that. (Fucking El Nino.) I thought about how I should be writing for this site more often. (Fucking cliché.) And I thought about how much Churchill, my 80-pound yellow Labrador, could […]

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How to Throw the Perfect Holiday Party…and Guarantee You’ll Still Have Friends When it’s Over.

With Thanksgiving a week in the rear view mirror, most of the leftovers gone (or on their way to the curb or bio-weapons factory), and the guilt and/or shame you felt the next day after drinking too much chardonnay having mostly passed, it’s time to reflect. To think back on the appetizer that disappeared 30 […]

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Holy Shit

I’ve had a few ‘Holy Shit’ moments in my life, and I’m talking about the good kind. Those times when the circumstances unfolding around me, being caused by me, or simply being witnessed by me, created such a level of excitement that the only way my mind could process the emotion was to stop and […]

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Getting Back into Running

I run, but I’m not a runner. I don’t have special “technical” clothes, aerodynamic sunglasses, or those shoes that look like feet. (I am considering buying the shoes though; I think they freak people out.) When I do run, it’s more likely for the camaraderie and the beer that follows. This wasn’t always the case.

When […]

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