First up…a disclaimer: This is not a promotional piece. I just made my first purchase at Tasty Hemp Oil (online). Not that big of deal, right? Right. Right??

I am a bottom-line kind of woman, fully capable of researching and making my own, intelligent decisions on matters. The thing about being a bottom-line woman though is that it is perfectly fine to have someone else do all of the research and then present you with a precis…a bottom line, as it were, on the subject in question. Now, there has to be a fair amount of trust in such an exercise and what kind of exercise requires more trust than asking someone how much hemp oil one should ingest. I mean, what could go wrong??

A woman at work today told me about Tasty Hemp Oil.

“I use it for my thyroid!” she exclaimed. “I use it for my anxiety,” she sang. “I use it on a Saturday night with a cocktail,” she whispered with a smirk. (We were at work, after all.)

Well, I have all those things (hypothyroid, anxiety, Saturday nights), so what the hell? Why not? And so I went online and was overwhelmed by information. I promptly decided that the woman at work had bottom-lined it for me earlier in the day and I purchased some drops (150mg) and some chocolates (10mg per chocolate). But what I immediately realized after hitting the ‘PURCHASE’ button was that she had bottom-lined the conditions that were ideal for such an elixir, not the dosage of such elixir.

I have no clue how many MGs is enough. One drop? One chocolate? Two drops? A half of a chocolate? And as the hemp preacher at work could be the love child of Stevie Nicks and Jerry Garcia, I won’t be asking her for dosage advice.

So I hope my drops and candies come with directions. But if they don’t, can anyone out there bottom-line this one for me? If not, I suppose it’ll be fun finding it for myself.