In the inaugural issue below, you’ll find four sections:

  • Point of Interest (POI). In this issue, it’s a physical location, but sometimes it might be a state of mind. For now, enjoy a ski up to the Slayton Cabin behind the Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe, VT
  • The Broad Next Door. You know how a lot of magazines interview celebs and/or other famous folks on how they deal with the challenges of life. We’ve never found that helpful, if not completely unrelatable, so with the Broad Next Door you’ll find interviews with the kind of women you’re friends with and learn how they make things work.
  • Covet is pretty straight forward. We love stuff…and there’s no shame in that.
  • And with Sweet Crazy you’ll find our first fiction submission. And wouldn’t you know it…it looks like we have a woman named Logan about to mix it up in a ski town. Chapter 1 is inside.

Cadence, for each of us, must match our internal rhythm, the rhythm we were meant to follow. Follow along here to share your own journeys and be swept up in the journeys of others.

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