In the second issue of Cadence you’ll find…well you’ll find the same four sections you found in the inaugural edition, but with content we hope shows that we are evolving.

  • Point of Interest (POI). In this issue enjoy trying to find an uninhabited beach on the Oregon coast.
  • The Broad Next Door. You know how a lot of magazines interview celebs and/or other famous folks on how they deal with the challenges of life? We’ve never found that helpful, if not completely unrelatable, so with the Broad Next Door you’ll find interviews with the kind of women you’re friends with and learn how they make things work.
  • Covet is pretty straight forward. We love stuff…and there’s no shame in that.
  • And in this round of Sweet Crazy you’ll find Logan adjusting to a life where she doesn’t have to shoot anyone…just yet.

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