Guess who is going to be writing the next 100 years or so of history? Us. Women. Broads. We will be doing it in many different ways: in the Sciences, Sport, Business, Academics, the Arts, etc, etc. But visions of world domination aside, we thought we would start with featuring some Tales of non-fiction writing rooted in the day-to-day experiences of women and how we explore, experience and enjoy the outdoors. And, of course, life in general.

Sarah and the Drunken Horsemen

I went for a walk yesterday. Brought the dog with me. It was warm, too warm for Vermont in early March. I thought about that. (Fucking El Nino.) I thought about how I should be writing for this site more often. (Fucking cliché.) And I thought about how much Churchill, my 80-pound yellow Labrador, could […]

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How to Throw the Perfect Holiday Party…and Guarantee You’ll Still Have Friends When it’s Over.

With Thanksgiving a week in the rear view mirror, most of the leftovers gone (or on their way to the curb or bio-weapons factory), and the guilt and/or shame you felt the next day after drinking too much chardonnay having mostly passed, it’s time to reflect. To think back on the appetizer that disappeared 30 […]

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Holy Shit

I’ve had a few ‘Holy Shit’ moments in my life, and I’m talking about the good kind. Those times when the circumstances unfolding around me, being caused by me, or simply being witnessed by me, created such a level of excitement that the only way my mind could process the emotion was to stop and […]

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Getting Back into Running

I run, but I’m not a runner. I don’t have special “technical” clothes, aerodynamic sunglasses, or those shoes that look like feet. (I am considering buying the shoes though; I think they freak people out.) When I do run, it’s more likely for the camaraderie and the beer that follows. This wasn’t always the case.

When […]

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New Year’s Resolution Sabotage

Save more. Drink less. You’re going to find at least one of those bullets on any of your friends’ New Year’s Resolution list. (Both if you happen to be friends with me.) And each declaration seems simple, especially when one begets the other, provided you have the discipline to take the $30 that you would […]

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It’s Evolution, Baby

You learn a lot when you’re trying to get a website up and running. That learning curve is even steeper when most of the folks involved in the effort have next to zero technical skills. Creative intentions and flippant word-smithing only go so far if the ability to share such debatable talent is reliant on […]

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I Like my Wind Chimes with a Vodka Chaser

We are an inventive species. When we take the time to rub two brain cells together we can come up with some pretty amazing things. It’s important to keep in mind though that ‘amazing’ is a word that exists on a spectrum.

On the ‘great’ end of the Amazing Spectrum you will find things like the […]

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Elsa Hammond

Of Rowboats and Fields Medals

There are several things I know that I will never do in this life. I do not say this out of any sense of premeditated defeatism or a lack of self- confidence. I say it with the same assuredness as knowing that I will never ride a unicorn into Big Foot’s lair to rescue the […]

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Oh, 40

It’s so cliché to feel like you know more about life at 40, but really I think that might be a thing. And it did kind of sneak up on me! I was just 39 and sort of going along doing what I had been doing. Listening really carefully to others. Reading about life and […]

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The Hike

I am a huge fan of the plan, and of lots of plans. I love to have the calendar out and imagine a season filled with trips and adventures. But on the day of the plan sometimes I’d rather just hang out at home, sit by a pool, or read my book. But it is […]

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