Guess who is going to be writing the next 100 years or so of history? Us. Women. Broads. We will be doing it in many different ways: in the Sciences, Sport, Business, Academics, the Arts, etc, etc. But visions of world domination aside, we thought we would start with featuring some Tales of non-fiction writing rooted in the day-to-day experiences of women and how we explore, experience and enjoy the outdoors. And, of course, life in general.

More Pubs and Less Dressing Rooms

Ahhh…. April. Springtime is finally in full swing! The snow is melting quickly out here in Lake Tahoe and I can’t imagine anyone more anxious than me to wrap up winter and get to bathing suit season. My seasonal job has me running one of Tahoe’s biggest ski and snowboard team programs, and while that […]

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Running with Patty Hearst

I went for my first spring run on Sunday and thought of Patty Hearst. (It’s alright if your brain just went, Huh? Mine did as well.) Sure, I could have been celebrating the fact that the mercury was above the 40-degree mark for the first time in 122 days. Or drinking in the sun that […]

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Billionaire Skier

I’m positive I’d make an excellent billionaire. In Sun Valley last week we skied “bell to bell” (my husband’s words for being on the first and last chairs of the day). The days started at a windless 20 degrees and meandered up to a sunny 45 by the late afternoon. One o’clock in the afternoon […]

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“Talent without dedication will get you a smile and a pat on the back from you parents,” was an expression my high school soccer coach used to say. I think it was intended to be quasi-inspirational, but as she always barked it with some sort of sneerish snarl on her face, I’m pretty sure it […]

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Emily Bradbury and the Reasons we Should Learn to Surf

There are a lot of reasons a bunch of women hovering around 40 should NOT go to Costa Rica to learn how to surf. There are jobs to manage, kids to shuttle, groceries to buy, houses to clean. There’s the guilt that comes with spending money on a vacation just for you. There is fear […]

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A Tip or Two on Completing the 100 Day Burpee Challenge

This picture was taken on January 2, otherwise known as Day 93 of my 100 Day Burpee Challenge. I was in Oregon for a wedding and although the trip was all about adventure, friends and love, I still had to keep focused and get my burpees in! In all honesty, I did do 93 burpees […]

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GoldieBlox and the Pink Aisle

It’s fair to say that I hate math. Actually, check that….I used to hate math. Now that I’m north of 40, I enjoy reading pop science articles with the words ‘quantum’ and ‘physics’ in them, and I’m content pretending that I would understand any such equation if it was ever included in the piece.

However, something […]

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Leave it to the Labrador

Leave it to the Labrador to save us from depression and being homebound. The last week in Vermont has touched down in the negative numbers almost every day and in Vermont it is very important to get outside in winter. If you don’t get outside often you can really become eerily attached to the heat, […]

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Localvore and Vermont’s Tastings Center

I was born in Philadelphia. Excuse me, Philly. The City of (sometimes) Brotherly Love. Home of the Flyers. The Liberty Bell. Rocky. And of course, the cheesesteak.

When I was a pre-teen, my dad would take me to Flyers games at the old Spectrum stadium. Afterwards, while the alleged cheesesteak aficionados rumbled up Ninth Street to […]

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Firsts and Fitness

Firsts are an exciting topic of conversation, especially for the individual sharing the first. There is usually a sense of nostalgia, sometimes a tinge of regret, and it is often palpable as the person relives the moment as she explains it. I have a favorite first. It was my first foray into the world of […]

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