The corn is back. The view I loathe and love at the same time. Its tiny green leaves reaching toward the sky at a furious pace dot all roads by my house and remind me daily that summer is coming quickly.

That another Vermont summer is coming is the part I love. This is the time of year I cling to desperately. I try to grab tightly to slow it down, but there is no way to slow June down. Late May and June in the life of a teacher are like January for celebrities: there is an event every night. National Honor Society induction, end-of-year celebrations for different clubs, senior trips, final presentations and ultimately graduation events clog the calendar. To live in the moment pre-solstice is nearly impossible. Memorial Day slows it down for a moment, rightly so given that it is an important time to reflect, but no matter what I do the intertidal zone between spring and summer is impossibly fleeting.

Daffodils cue bud break and then in short order come the lilacs. Next, lupine stand proud and bright blue days are matched by greener than greens. All the while the corn counts the days down as it makes the opposite move up toward the sun. Its growth measures the time and chides and challenges us to enjoy each moment of the sun-filled days. The corn, oh the corn; I smile at it when it is small and nod, “uh huh uh huh, that’s the way, uh huh uh huh, I like it”.

Summer stretches out in front of us like a blank canvass. The weeks at the beach etched into the calendar since winter got too long and summer planning was a necessity. Summer: It lives as a structure in my mind, perfectly architected. Once the full swing of summer begins I give in and get lost in it. I know when I pass the corn each time that it is moving fast, but I continue laughing and enjoying and often forget to slow it down again.

Plans, friends, hikes, swims, books, laughter, and travel, by car mostly, is when I see it. The corn watches us and sometimes mocks us. You have it good right now, but soon enough it will be over. The corn whispers, soon the corn mazes will be open, soon I will be taller than the car you are in, soon soon. All we can do is return its gaze and smile. I know it’s going to go fast, but there is nothing I can do except bathe in its luxury.

Happy June everyone.