You learn a lot when you’re trying to get a website up and running. That learning curve is even steeper when most of the folks involved in the effort have next to zero technical skills. Creative intentions and flippant word-smithing only go so far if the ability to share such debatable talent is reliant on having a basic understanding of lofty phrases like, “Content Management System,” “User Interface,” and “Googlebots.” That being said, we feel we’ve gained some technical chops since “launching” Broad Ambition in January. (Think: Kindergartner skipping the first grade.)

Armed with this nascent knowledge and a healthy bit of hubris, we’ve started to redesign the site. Ten months of feedback has shown us that the Broad Tales and Cadence sections of the site are the most craved, and you’ve also shared what you don’t like. Plus, many folks have been asking when we’re going to get our asses in gear and open the Store. Well, the gears have been turning for the last thirty days or so…and we’re about 60% of where we want/need to be. But learning can be exponential and as we have more Broads contribute to the coding cause, we hope to be sharing the new site shortly.

All of this is can also be read as a long-winded explanation for why we’ve been infrequent with both our Broad Tales and Facebook posts. When you have your nose buried in the book “WordPress for the Super Doofus” for six hours a day, the ass kicking you give yourself for not taking even the most basic web design class in college can put a damper on the creative fire. This, however, is the end of our pity party.

Look for more Broad Tales to be shared more regularly and we’re even working on the next issue of Cadence…when we’re not feeling like super doofuses.

Thanks for all of the love.

The Broads.