It's interesting how one person's Everest is another's walk in the park. Think about it. How easy is it to be lured into trying something once another has made it seem possible?

And once that has happened, the realization that their experience teaches you how to design concrete steps to get there? This is just one of the goals of Broad Ambition. When we read of another’s experiences and they resonate with us, they create the outlines of a road map for others to follow. Have you ever found yourself hiking a trail, skiing a run or trying a different workout routine simply because you read it somewhere? Ever tasted trail dust or felt blisters forming on your feet all while simply reading some great prose sitting on a beach? We have. It is the spirit and bravery that lie in the tales of others that can carry us to physical spaces that we never thought we’d go. This is our dream for Broad Ambition: to be a place where we can share our spirit of adventure, entrepreneurship, invention, innovation, determination, and frustration as we chase our own ambitions. Others will laugh and cry at your stories and hopefully be comforted and catapulted by them.

We mean broad in two ways: the literal, meaning a wide variety. We hope to have a diverse range of life’s moments captured. Monday’s struggles and successes are different from Thursday night’s, and the time of year changes the game, too. We hope to hear about authors writing their first words, mothers feeling like they are beginning to make sense of the push and pull of the Terrible Twos, and the feelings of frustration that come with setbacks and failures. (Of course the story about the trip to Japan to ski the finest swath of powder in the Eastern Hemisphere is welcome as well.)

We also use the term broad because it means tough women. One of us here at BA has a mother who calls anyone she admires a tough broad, from a dear friend who was one of the first women to graduate from Harvard Law to the friend with Rheumatoid Arthritis who deals with intense pain on a daily basis.

Broad Ambition is your coffee shop, wine bar, favorite pub, and your best friend’s kitchen table. It’s a place to come back to time and again to share stories, become inspired, unload, and get ideas for new adventures to set out upon.


Broad Tales

Guess who is going to be writing the next 100 years or so of history? Us. Women. Broads.

The Broad Next Door

Sure; you can read in umpteen mags about how Gwyneth eats healthy or Oprah copes. Or you can read here how everyday women live life everyday happily and balanced.

Cadence MagEzine

In these no-smudge pages, we’ll explore the different ways and places that help us maintain the pace. Of course we’ll also feature the fun, the fictionalized, the insightful, and the blowouts: the times when rhythm feels out of reach.

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